Inspired By True Events

For your information – a story based on real facts

Many of the facts in this story, and more specifically those about the doctor and his family, really took place; a breeding ground for rumours and urban legends. Some said that the woman had had an affair, others said that the man had been depressed. Still others suggested money worries or jealousy at work. The fact is that the true motive has never been revealed.

After the facts, the villa remained vacant for many years because of disputes about the inheritance between the family of the husband and wife. When the disputes were solved, the villa was for rent for a while, but given the reputation it never got occupied again. In those days the building was also the target of treasure hunters and paranormal researchers, some scientifically oriented, others not at all. Especially because of the latter, a new flow of rumours began. In order to suppress this, the municipality rented the place for a while but for some reason that lease never really lasted very long.

Finally the villa was put up for sale and a project developer bought the house including the large surrounding garden. At that time the old rumour flow resurfaced. Today there is a building with luxury apartments surrounded by a beautiful large garden. For the time being no more incidents have been reported.

The whole family, including the father, was buried at the municipal cemetery. However, the grave disappeared several years ago. The reason why the grave was moved has not been not communicated by the municipality, because of laws on privacy.

For the sake of clarity: I myself am not a “believer”, on the contrary, a strong sceptic when it comes to paranormal matters. I believe that, above all, there is a scientifically substantiated explanation for everything. This story is simply a mix of true facts and rumours that are still circulating in the municipality concerned. Names and dates were changed.

Johan Vandewoestijne