Lead Characters

Chris Artois (played by Anton Zwijsen): A young police inspector of around 28 years without much experience, that’s why he’s partnered with the 15-years-older Becks. Fashionably and smoothly dressed after the latter days of “Miami Vice”, he comes from a traditional family of middle class people. In addition to hard-working parents, he also has a sister who works in education. In order to escape that traditional family, he likes to act as a “pretty boy” with the necessary flair and perhaps also lives above his financial possibilities. He has occasional relationships that never last very long because of a certain ambition.

Martin Becks (played by Rufus Six): Born in the mid-seventies and hardened, he is an inspector with much more experience than his younger colleague. Nevertheless, he may seem rude at times. He is the son of a very God-fearing family, something that caused conflicts very often. Over the years, he kinda lost his ambition.

Sandra Paleggi (Played by Sharon Slosse): Is a 25-year-old young woman, handsome with tattoo’s. She is at times very down to earth, to the point and sceptical, in contrast to her older partner Nick who unconditionally believes in the paranormal. She is a sexy-looking girl who can have a special haircut at times. In spite of all that, she was raised as a Catholic although she certainly is not a practitioner.

Nick Crasco (played by Ignace Paepe): 42 years old and a real believer in the paranormal. Like his partner Sandra, he has a specific look with tattoos and is more agnostic than Catholic. In a sense, he is marked by the experiences he has had and knows the dangers coming from the “other side”. At times he can seem surly to even arrogant.