written by Johan Vandewoestijne, based on a real story, all rights reserved.

August 26th 1994. Robert, a very respected gynaecologist drives home after having delivered a baby girl in the hospital where he works. At five o’clock in the morning he parks his car in the garage of his villa. At 05.30 a.m. he heads to his bedroom and shoots his wife with a shotgun. Then he goes to the adjacent room where two of his daughters are sleeping and shoots them in the head. The noise wakes up the oldest one. She stands in the doorway where she sees her father killing her sisters. She backs off but she gets shot in the back and dies on the spot. At 06.30 a.m. the doctor kills himself with that same shotgun while sitting in the bathroom.

A few days later, the doctor has a meeting with the General Manager of the hospital to discuss an upcoming promotion, but he doesn’t show up. Phone calls are not answered and neither is he responding to his beeper. That makes the General Manager decide to go and take a look at the house. In the garage he sees the doctor’s car as well as a lot of mirrors that have been painted black recently. When entering the hall, nobody is responding and once upstairs he discovers the massacre. In the doctor’s office he calls the police but simultaneously he finds books about paranormal subjects. Not a very common thing for a man who was a real scientist. A few moments later, the police arrives and the two investigation cops, Chris Artois and Martin Becks, enter the house. They discover a strange white substance on the floor. In the bathroom they find a bundle of half burned white sage. They meet with the coroner who informs them that the victims died around 5.30 a.m. while the doctor killed himself one hour later. Nobody seems to know what he did during that hour.

A few days pass by and it looks as if the murders are going to be classified as a family drama, be it with no motive whatsoever. When Becks and Artois visit the villa one last time before closing the case, a paparazzi photographer takes a few photos of Artois standing at the window on the upper floor. He backs off when the policeman sees this. One day later there is a press conference at the police station. At that moment the photographer enters the station carrying an envelope in his hands. Artois thinks he’s coming to make gossip pictures but the photographer convinces the cop to take a look at the pictures he had made a day earlier. On the photos we notice Artois standing at the window but next to him stand the three dead children and the woman as grainy figures. Artois receives the photos since the photographer is too frightened to go back there… Artois himself doesn’t put the envelope in the box with the evidence, but keeps it to himself.

25 years later, the villa is sold to a project developer. It remained abandoned for several years because of an inheritance issue. Then it had been offered for rent but because of its reputation nobody was interested. The city rented it for a short while but it ended the lease very sudden. Eventually it is going to be torn down but for the time being it is inhabited by a young guy named Mickey, who works for a company called Camelot and protects buildings against squatters. One night he is terrified and runs down from his bedroom. He calls for an organisation called “Beyond Knowledge”, a team of paranormal investigators. Sandra and Nick come to the scene and immediately Sandra feels connected to the house. When they hear what kind of frightening experiences Mickey has endured, they enter the villa and discover a vortex that leads to another world. For them it is paramount that they discover more about the history of the house. Meanwhile they hear that the neighbours have had strange experiences as well and many of them don’t dare to put one step on the property. In the archives of the city, they discover that the villa had been built in the early 1930’s by a Jewish couple. During the war the villa was confiscated by the Germans while the owners died in Dachau in 1943. During their stay, the Germans conducted paranormal experiments —next to using it as a brothel— and by doing so opened a doorway for a very negative entity; something the doctor must have discovered and therefore killed his entire family to keep them safe. During their investigation they meet with Chris Artois who shows them the pictures from years ago… It is during that conversation that Sandra discovers she was the baby the doctor delivered 25 years ago, which explains why she immediately felt a connection with the house. Sandra and Nick start a quest to close the doorway at the risk of their own lives, in order for the ghosts of the wandering family to find peace at last…